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BUPA Style guide

Squire Shoes has the pleasure to reveal that our British-style luxury men’s footwear has been listed by Bupa Travel Insurance as a leading choice for international men of mystery. The recently published article by the insurance firm, ‘Style Guide: The Perfect Designer Shoes for Travelling​’, recommends bringing along a pair or two (or three) of Squire’s leather shoes when you’re heading out of the country, noting that you’ll feel right at home sporting these English classics in London.

You’ll be struck by the practicality and elegance of men’s shoes as you confidently stroll the high streets of London, whether you’re visiting for work or for a fun getaway. Packing a pair of Squires means you’ll not only fit in, but also stand out with their fine silhouette and high-quality materials.

At Squire we create shoes based on what you request – and this means never holding back on comfort or style. A lot of our inspiration indeed comes from British fashion, which also plays a major role in the fashion choices made by ambitious Australian men. We strive to ensure that you can gallivant around London, or any global city, without having to worry that your footwear will slow you down. At Squire, our main objective is comfort.

When asked by Bupa to nominate one particular shoe from our range, we found it hard to go passed the Tryant model. Designed with a soft calf leather upper, a leather lining and insole, it also features Squire’s uniquely created highly resilient rubber sole. This ensures you’ll be able to hold up from the start of your early business day, right through to late nights enjoying London’s lively nightlife. An integral part of our style at Squire is providing our clients with a variety of colour choices to go with our timeless designs, which is why the Tryant is available with houndstooth and camouflage patterns, as well as a more understated black or brown.

One of the most unique design features of the Tryant is the shallow toe, which creates a distinctive silhouette. We put great effort into ensuring that we could retain this sleek look and sharp toe without cramping the toes. It is no surprise then that the Tryant is the perfect shoe for your next business or leisure trip to London.

Link: BUPA Style Guide

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