The Squire story


After years of retail experience the two Squire Brothers decided to return to their original roots of Shoe Making inspired by their father in their younger years. It was the Summer of 2003 the Squire Brothers began to pursue their dream.


Their goal,to give stylish Australians high-street luxury footwear without the overwhelming price tag.

In their opinion, the design and craft of Men's footwear seemed monotonous and repetitive, which urged them to infuse flashes of Colour and create shoes of distinction,something that was non existent at the time.

They released their first range of coloured Shoes with extremely positive feedback and this instilled them with the courage to continue their quest.

They continue to energise the Footwear Industry with exciting designs and long lasting comfort.


The Squire Brothers' designs are inspired by the idealistic lifestyles of sophistication and luxury.

Drawn to vibrant prints and colourful leathers, the Squire Brothers live these desirable lifestyles through their unique leather footwear both in their personal lives and with the customers they meet in their shops.

Through these spirited designs, Squire Shoes has created a recognisable brand that allows you to express your sense of style from head to toe.


Some of the Worlds finest quality Calf leathers are used to produce our hand finished antique leathers.

The leather undergoes vigorous testing before it is accepted as we consider qualities such as hide size, colour, visual appearance, softness and malleability to ensure comfort of wear.

Using the traditional skills of our forefathers, each pair of shoes undergoes a number of stringent operations and checking procedures to ensure the utmost quality is delivered.

Our passion and pride speaks for itself and is reflected in the choice and beauty of the materials that we use, where there is no limitation on colour and style.


Central to the Craft of Squire would have to be their revolutionary sole concept.

Squire Australia have developed an innovative out-sole by utilising a component  of recycled car tyre and moulding it to a specific thickness and weight.

This unique concept will provide you with flex, grip and durability while delivering the utmost in Comfort.